Iron Removal Plant – IRP

The Iron Removal Plants are designed to put off the Excess Iron content material gift with inside the feed water with minimal strain drop. Most iron filtration structures function at the foremost of oxidizing the iron (oxidation) to transform it from a ferrous (dissolved or soluble) to a ferric or undissolved state.

Area of Application

  • Home and Properties
  • Garments Factories
  • Textiles Factories
  • Hotel, Resort & Hospital
  • Public Community

Scope of Supply

  • Design, drawing and erection of IRP
  • Servicing and modification of IRP
  • Supply of Air blower, dosing pump etc.
  • Supply of FRP/SS/MS Pressure Vessel
  • Vessel filter Media (Sand, Gravel. Pebbles. Manganese, Activated Carbon, etc.)